Michael Aldrich

Finding this clinic has helped me find an alternative to prescription medications. Montserrat addresses every issue I have and finds a way to help me with everything I bring to her. Acupuncture is something I probably wouldn’t have tried but several people mentioned it to me and it’s so relaxing and helpful.

Gracie Seim

After leaving countless doctor appointments feeling defeated and deflated with symptoms (cystic hormonal acne, fatigue, painful periods, weight gain, food sensitivities, anxiety, etc.) no doctor bothered to piece together and treat I decided to try acupuncture. I found Alchemy Clinic and booked an appointment with Montserrat. Immediately it was like a breath of fresh air. She truly listens to her clients and her knowledge is evident. She supports healing and has helped me to understand my body more than any doctor I’ve ever had. I leave every treatment feeling refreshed and balanced and with more knowledge to help restore and balance my hormones (supplements, diet, exercise, etc.) I could not recommend Alchemy Clinic more. They love and are so good at what they do!

Paige Murray

I am a huge fan of Alchemy Clinic. Montserrat is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and patient. She explains things very thoroughly and helps me understand my body in a whole new way. Her acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements have provided relief for every problem I have brought to her attention. I highly recommend!

Kathryn Mary

It’s truly amazing what an hour of acupuncture can do. Many thanks to Montserrat for her compassionate care. She is the most skilled, intuitive, and knowledgeable acupuncturist I’m fortunate enough to know. If you’re in The Lou and want to work on your wellness, consider adding acupuncture!

Meghan Rak

I was NEVER a believer in acupuncture…until I went to Montserrat! She is a “magician” as I like to say. I have had 2 back surgeries and still suffer from many ailments, related to my recovery. She has helped me relieve a lot of my back spams over the last few weeks and I couldn’t be more thankful. I had immediate relief on my first appointment. I walked out of there, believing that this does work, you just have to find the right practitioner. I highly recommend visiting Montserrat, if you are in need of a healing journey.

Kenneth Powell

Outstanding service and atmosphere. I was skeptical going in and they were very professional and courteous. I highly recommend Alchemy Clinic.

Michael Harris

The combination of Montserrat’s intuitive abilities and specialized training sets her apart from other acupuncturists. She is gifted at knowing exactly how to treat your issues, not symptoms, while being honest with the frequency of appointments needed to remedy the situation. Her knowledge of medicinal herbs is extensive. Top-class all the way around; from the office, to the natural products offered, to the traditional practices, I highly recommend the Alchemy Clinic to anyone interested in bettering themselves.

Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching

I love the focus on healing. From stomach issues to a broken bone, Montserrat’s wisdom, gentleness, knowledge and attention to detail is transformational in so many ways. Thank you!

Kristy Cotton

I’m new to acupuncture and so far I’m loving it. I suffer with neuropathy in my feet. I’ve tried everything on the market trying to gain relief. I started doing research on acupuncture and I was blessed to find Alchemy Clinic. Montserrat is extremely knowledgeable and listens with comprehension. Once she understands your specific needs she then develops a plan. I’m excited to be on a path of healing with Alchemy Clinic!

Cara A

The insight I received from our sessions continues to inform me and I really value the daily self-massage time where I can tune-in and align more fully.

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