Kathryn Mary

It’s truly amazing what an hour of acupuncture can do. Many thanks to Montserrat for her compassionate care. She is the most skilled, intuitive, and knowledgeable acupuncturist I’m fortunate enough to know. If you’re in The Lou and want to work on your wellness, consider adding acupuncture!

Fiona Woods

Entering in to the calm, soothing Alchemy Clinic is, in itself, a good start to reaching a better place. The vibe is cheerful, restorative, and gentle. Then, when Montserrat works her special brand of magic the world is adjusted on its axis. She has healing in her hands and her heart, and is an intent listener, an intuitive healer. She is the only person I have ever had treat me with acupuncture but I do believe I happened to find someone who is the very best at what she does. Her training is deep and wide, her ethical standards unimpeachable. She practices with knowledge and wisdom that seem to represent many lifetimes of experience. If you want to try acupuncture – start right here. You won’t need to look any further.

Michael Harris

The combination of Montserrat’s intuitive abilities and specialized training sets her apart from other acupuncturists. She is gifted at knowing exactly how to treat your issues, not symptoms, while being honest with the frequency of appointments needed to remedy the situation. Her knowledge of medicinal herbs is extensive. Top-class all the way around; from the office, to the natural products offered, to the traditional practices, I highly recommend the Alchemy Clinic to anyone interested in bettering themselves.

Laurie Seeger

“Acupuncture and herbs are the primary techniques that evoke the self regulating response of the organism to reorganize and replenish the Qi..”- Between Heaven and Earth… Highly recommend paying a visit to the Alchemy Clinic!


Montserrat has been an incredibly patient, holistic practitioner who has helped my body heal in ways I didn’t think were possible! Her intention, explanation, and listening in every session has been such a blessing. I highly recommend!

John Horseman

I have been treated by Montserrat for about five years. I had persistent problems with my neck and her treatments were a critical part of my healing. I see her regularly now for maintenance and always leave feeling great. I must admit I am still mystified how needles in my feet help my neck. It works.

Deb Miller

I have been receiving treatment from Montserrat since 2017. She is incredible at listening and reading my body! She has helped me with pre and post surgery recovery, stress, digestive issues and neck pain. She is a healer!

Patty Storie Light

I have visited 3 other acupuncturists in St Louis and Alchemy Clinic is my favorite. I actually fall asleep while I receive my treatment. I actually enjoy it more than a massage. Hard to believe I know, but I am able to completely relax

Nicki Hamrah

I absolutely love Alchemy Clinic, Montserrat is magical. My immune system has improved tremendously and I also bring my girls here. It’s so awesome to be able to come to a place and help your body fight off colds or viruses naturally. She is very welcoming and we all feel very comfortable on her table.

Don T

I highly recommend Montserrat. She is professional and quite knowledgeable. I always feel she has my best interest as her focus. She has helped me considerably. I was reluctant before my first visit. No longer! Give her the opportunity to assist you with your wellness. You will not be disappointed.

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