Lyndon Carger, Clinical Director and Co-Founder at Alchemy Clinic

Lyndon Carger

Clinical Director and Co-Founder

Lyndon first found acupuncture while working onboard the Liberty of the Seas, as a musician on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Due to the demands of playing French Horn and Trumpet professionally for over 20 years, he began to experience issues from the physical demands of his career. His “embouchure” kept fatiguing, he began having numbness and tingling on is face and mouth, and air began to leak out of the corner of his mouth. He also started to experience lower back and shoulder pain. The acupuncturist on the Liberty helped Lyndon recover so he could continue to meet the demands of playing at the same intensity. After that initial treatment, Lyndon kept up with consistent acupuncture treatments, and continued playing onboard ships for another 8 years. Lyndon found that the consistency gave him an edge in his career, and still gets regular treatments today. No longer on ships, you will find Lyndon as your first port of call on arrival at Alchemy Clinic, as our Clinical Director, as well as being Montserrat’s better half.
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