Marcy Blair

Montserrat is a true healer! She’s receptive, knowledgeable and intuitive. Her ability to “tune in” to you and your body’s needs is one of her many remarkable attributes. I have referred so many people to Montserrat that have benefited significantly from receiving her treatments. See for yourself! She’s amazing!

Greg Pietroburgo

I have been receiving acupuncture from Montserrat for over a year now to promote overall wellness. I receive monthly treatments and simply can not say enough about the benefits I have received. Montserrat is truly my favorite “wellness” professional. I feel truly confident in every aspect of her treatments.

Natalie Feldhaus

I have been receiving acupuncture from Montserrat Gonzalez since May 2017. She’s extremely kind and knowledgeable, and each session is tailored specifically to your body’s needs. I only wish I’d met her sooner!

Rachael Kingma-Queen

I have been seeing Montserrat for the last several months for a severe neck injury and chronic knee and foot pain. I have been to many acupuncturists and Montserrat is definitely the most knowledgeable and talented practitioner I have visited. She is extremely kind and genuine, takes a thorough overview of your medical history before each session, and does not hesitate to alter treatments based on your body’s needs and unique response. Montserrat’s work has made a profound difference in my recovery and I will continue working with her to address my pain.

M. Shinkle

Montserrat is an outstanding practitioner of acupuncture — highly skilled, professional, incredibly effective. I recommend her without reservation.

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