Faith P.

Receiving sessions with Lindsey allowed me to grow in health physically, mentally, and spiritually. Her ability to listen, understand and respond with kindness improved my abilities, self acceptance, and decision making. She’s polite, professional and comfortable to be around. It was easy to trust her to choose the correct treatment and she explained things to me very clearly, concisely and accurately.

Cara A

The insight I received from our sessions continues to inform me and I really value the daily self-massage time where I can tune-in and align more fully.

Michael Harris

The combination of Montserrat’s intuitive abilities and specialized training sets her apart from other acupuncturists. She is gifted at knowing exactly how to treat your issues, not symptoms, while being honest with the frequency of appointments needed to remedy the situation. Her knowledge of medicinal herbs is extensive. Top-class all the way around; from the office, to the natural products offered, to the traditional practices, I highly recommend the Alchemy Clinic to anyone interested in bettering themselves.

Yvonne Heck

I have been going to Alchemy Clinic for almost a year and it has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Montserrat is a great listener and adjust treatments that will best work for me based on what I tell her. And who doesn’t love Lyndon!

Ben S

I highly recommend Montserrat. She is a very knowledgeable, skilled, and caring practitioner. My wife and I came for fertility issues and so far, Montserrat has made a positive impact.

Miki Kokubo

Lindsey has a very welcoming and loving energy. She created a very peaceful and safe space for me when I got my massage from her. She really tries to understand what your body needs, and works with you. After the massage, not only did my body feel like it was floating on the water, I felt a sort of emotional release. I am looking forward to seeing her again.

Riley Burke

Montserrat has helped restore balance to my mind, body, and spirit. As a practitioner who cares about her work, clients, and commitment to learning, she is one of a kind. She saved my life. And, I can always count on Lyndon to put a smile on my face. I highly recommend Alchemy Clinic!

Vicky Sonnenberg

I have been a patient of Montserrat Gonzalez since October 3, 2017 and she has changed my life. Her gentle touch and gentle nature with both acupuncture as well as cupping has healed me from the inside out. I am so grateful for her practice as well as her practice of Chinese medicine. I feel so balanced, healthy, and I am finally sleeping well!!! Her treatment is so thorough, never rushed, and always what my body needs. Montserrat has my full endorsement!!

Laura Von Barr

I have been doing treatments with Lindsey for several years and every experience has been rewarding mentally and physically. If I could describe Lindsey in a few words, it would be compassionate, consistent, and cultured. I look forward to many more appointments with her healing hands.

Fiona Woods

Entering in to the calm, soothing Alchemy Clinic is, in itself, a good start to reaching a better place. The vibe is cheerful, restorative, and gentle. Then, when Montserrat works her special brand of magic the world is adjusted on its axis. She has healing in her hands and her heart, and is an intent listener, an intuitive healer. She is the only person I have ever had treat me with acupuncture but I do believe I happened to find someone who is the very best at what she does. Her training is deep and wide, her ethical standards unimpeachable. She practices with knowledge and wisdom that seem to represent many lifetimes of experience. If you want to try acupuncture – start right here. You won’t need to look any further.

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