Gracie Seim

After leaving countless doctor appointments feeling defeated and deflated with symptoms (cystic hormonal acne, fatigue, painful periods, weight gain, food sensitivities, anxiety, etc.) no doctor bothered to piece together and treat I decided to try acupuncture. I found Alchemy Clinic and booked an appointment with Montserrat. Immediately it was like a breath of fresh air. She truly listens to her clients and her knowledge is evident. She supports healing and has helped me to understand my body more than any doctor I’ve ever had. I leave every treatment feeling refreshed and balanced and with more knowledge to help restore and balance my hormones (supplements, diet, exercise, etc.) I could not recommend Alchemy Clinic more. They love and are so good at what they do!

Riley Simms

I would highly recommend getting acupuncture or bodywork done with Jim Sullivan! He is very intuitive and creates a welcoming and relaxing experience throughout your appointment. His treatment plans are personal, and he really takes time to analyze and do what is best for you at that moment. Overall, would definitely recommend!

Marcus Anderson

I was completely blown away!!! I have dealt with back pain for years with multiple bulged disc’s, 1 ruptured, and 1 degenerating away. I have gone through chiropractic, physical therapy, medication, spinal injections, and radio wave ablation. This was my first time with acupuncture, but definitely will not be my last. I went in bent over, and walked out standing up upright and much lower level of pain. I couldn’t be happier with my experience, and highly recommend going and seeing them.

Jenny Nelson

I have been suffering with frozen shoulder syndrome for 14 months. I tried 2 cortisone injections that did not relieve the pain. I decided to try acupuncture and I’m glad I did! After a couple acupuncture treatments, along with “cupping” my shoulder has loosened up considerably! I am grateful to Montserrat and Lyndon who are kind, professional, and helpful! Thank you!

A. Ortiz

Working with Alchemy Clinic has been the one thing that’s given me relief from my autoimmune disorder. After speaking with Montserrat at the start of each appointment, she tailors the treatment to my needs that day and I always leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and balanced. My symptoms (hormonal imbalance, blood sugar imbalance, fatigue, etc.) have improved tremendously in the 3 months I’ve been going. I can’t recommend Alchemy enough!

Greg Pietroburgo

I have been visiting the Alchemy Clinic every 4 weeks for just over 4 years now. These visits have become an integral part of my overall wellness plan. I have always found Montserrat to be a fantastic resource whenever I have had any issue, whether it be physical or mental. I always leave my sessions feeling relaxed and recharged. I can not imagine ever not taking advantage of everything the Alchemy Clinic has to offer. Besides – I truly enjoy just seeing Montserrat and Lyndon every 4 weeks! They are a truly great team. (Google Review)

Amelia Isabel

I have been a long time patient of Montserrat’s since she first began practicing back in 2012! She has incredible bedside manner, truly listens to understand your symptoms and what the root cause may be. She has treated me for everything from a marathon training injury to anxiety/stress, and even grief. She is truly a one-of-a-kind practitioner. I can’t recommend her enough!! (Google Review)

Kristin Stazrad

Alchemy Clinic was recommend to me for severe acid reflux issues that were keeping me up at night. I was experiencing flare ups 2-3 nights a week and trying meds, food elimination, puppy pose, etc. but nothing was having a big impact. So why not try acupuncture? (Google Review)

I haven’t had a flare since my first session in July 2021. Working with Montserrat has opened my eyes to how much stress and strain was happening in my gut. I continue to visit the clinic bi-weekly to work through whatever may be going on. Recently we’ve been working on easing my period symptoms and that’s been a game changer. So many issues that I thought were just my body and that I needed to deal with.

It’s been invaluable to learn how to listen to my body and I’m so thankful to Alchemy Clinic for helping me on that journey.

Erin King

Montserrat and Lyndon are excellent caretakers who will make you feel welcomed and well cared for. My first session with Alchemy was for a wounded arm due to a biking accident. After that first visit I immediately felt better, with the pain subsiding and my sleep thankfully increasing. I’ve gone in to see Montserrat for many other issues, like allergies, stress, and other injuries. Every time I leave feeling “more myself” but a better version. I am always in awe of how Montserrat works her craft, she is an expert in her field and I can depend on that. Lyndon is amazingly kind and will make you feel welcomed every time you step into Alchemy or even over the phone. I am blessed to have Alchemy Clinic in my life! (Google Review)

Michael Aldrich

Finding this clinic has helped me find an alternative to prescription medications. Montserrat addresses every issue I have and finds a way to help me with everything I bring to her. Acupuncture is something I probably wouldn’t have tried but several people mentioned it to me and it’s so relaxing and helpful.

Paige Murray

I am a huge fan of Alchemy Clinic. Montserrat is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and patient. She explains things very thoroughly and helps me understand my body in a whole new way. Her acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements have provided relief for every problem I have brought to her attention. I highly recommend!

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