Gua Sha at Alchemy Clinic STL

Gua Sha

Scraping therapy that is pain-free, efficient, and powerful. Releases endorphins, improves circulation, corrects muscular adhesions, and reduces pain.

Gua Sha is a manual technique that was recently made popular by the “Graston” technique. The word Gua Sha translates to “scraping”. Using a tool, the superficial tissues of the skin are scraped gently to create “Sha”, creating red marks under the surface of the skin. The scraping creates a micro trauma to the superficial blood vessels, in order to activate healing to the local area. Gua Sha is a pain free and relaxing therapy that provides a unique, efficient, and intense massage to relieve pain, soreness, and even poor circulation. Gua Sha is not for everyone and it is important that this therapy be done by a trained Traditional Chinese Medicine provider as to prevent over-treatment. We will assess whether or not Gua Sha is a good adjunct therapy to improve the process of your healing. 

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