Arvigo Therapy with Lindsey Chel, LMT, Certified Arvigo® Practitioner, Alchemy Clinic

Arvigo® Therapy

Arvigo Therapy supports structural changes, alleviates discomfort, encourages the optimal birth position for baby, eases labor and birth and helps with postpartum recovery.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT) is founded on an ancient Maya technique of abdominal massage that helps guide internal abdominal organs into their proper position to enhance and support organ function. It is an external, gentle and non-invasive massage to the abdomen and lower back. 

Arvigo® Therapy benefits the body throughout the child-bearing years by:

● enhancing fertility and conception

● supporting structural changes

● alleviating discomfort

● optimal birth position for baby

● eases labor and birth

● postpartum recovery

What other patients say:

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